The KrayPek Story
Since 1998

Since 1998, the company of producing and manufacturing the cassava chips has been a humble beginning in the making. It started as a farmer growing for buyers who processed the chips en masse, but due to the lack of local demand, Uncle Ayim started his enterprise to sell his produce.

Before then, the chips were produced and sold during festive days; through public weddings and society meetings with each other.

“This Cassava Chips is so tasty and addicted!” replied some of his customers after taking some bites out of Uncle Ayim’s Chips and share their experience with their family.

During 2007, the once old-fashioned enterprise had been moved to the SME premises provided by the Ledang District Agriculture Department. Uncle Ayim’s and his wife Intan have taken the local governments grant and they were supported by many local traders who are developing their respective industries.

Uncle Ayim’s still believes the key to attract new customers is using the old way of making chips and maintaining the taste of chips from his traditional use of spices.

However, with the agricultural and technological developed in later years, the business is getting challenged to keep up with the times. To do this, Uncle Ayim prioritized the development of the manufacturing of the chips while keeping the traditional taste back like it was in the old days.

From then on until 2020 his company that has been developed so far have been inherited by his successors. From the supply of raw materials, marketing and branding were developed and maintain by his children. From here the KrayPek is built upon.

KrayPek is a family heritage brand. The spirit of developing agriculture and food manufacturing from the backyard to an industry remains the SOUL of progress for us.